Mr. No

Caterpillar has transformed to Mr. No, why? Cause his favourite word is ‘NO’. Therefore, we named him Mr. No. Anything you ask, he will answer ‘NO’. So Mr. No in the house!!

Mr. No knows other words like daddy, mama, ah yi, popo, grandpa, korkor, please and ta…

Sometimes he loves to eat, he finish his meal, demand for snack. Sometimes, he refuses to eat his meal, no snack. Really headache.

Lately I found out that he love me so much. He wants me to carry him; when he sees me, he is very excited and bit with kiss! Yup, his kiss with mouth open and with a bit of bite!

I would like to stop breastfeeding him now, which is 17 months. But he refuses, the moment he sees me, he wants to nurse regardless time. So what I did on the day time, I apply ‘feng you’ on my breast. The moment he smell, he will said NO very loud… haha

I have no idea where he pick up this habit, the moment he finish said no, he will turn his mouth shape to “O” or fish mouth… It is cute… no, I am confuses whether is cute or ugly. Hahaaha


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