First post in 2015. I didn’t abandone this blog yet, just I was very very busy with daily routine.

2014 was ended with a lot sad news… plane crashed, flood badly at certain areas… I really wish it was not in that way. I hope and wish 2015 will be full of joy, happiness, peaceful, healthy and so, God pls bless.

Caterpillar has grow up so fast, he is now 85cm at 15 months, he is a demanding baby and still non stop to nurse when I am around him. He has lovely smile that I couldn’t resist with. Sometimes I miss his smile when I was working… but I just left him few hours ago. I, myself couldn’t believe that too.

Smurf is going to nursery this year, I couldn’t believe times fly so fast. I can’t wait to see that day. Was busy preparing all his stuffs, shoes, bags, clothes and etc. I hope he enjoys school, learn to become a good man in the future.

Smurf is a good helper, he helps a lot at home, and even a protector to me when caterpillar try to bite me! Both of them love to snuggle close to me, I enjoy the moment so much. I hope they will do them when they grow up. I always think Smurf is my previous life 1st lover and Caterpillar is second. haha…

I wish 2015 will be bundle of happiness, joys, health and peace. I know I will be very busy as I am starter to do make up now. May God continue to bless us.



About berrymelon1437101

I'm a freelance make up artist... If you love my work..c email me berrymakeup1@gmail.com
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