Caterpillar 14 and Smurf on 1st trial Nursery

Caterpillar has outgrown from Caterpillar into Popeyes…

He loves to bite the straw and partially stuck out… exactly Popeyes… He is now 14 months and picking up things very fast.

Once finish his bottle milk, he will walk all the way to kitchen to put in the sink, he will throw his diaper into rubbish bin, he will demands for snacks, he will shake his head left and right if he don’t want something. He can eat non-stop from milk, follow by porridge then pasta and biscuits yet still asking for milk when he see me back home.

He loves to smile and make the funny face expression. He can non-stop calling, ‘mamaaaaaaaaaaa’ for the whole day regardless I am at home or not (guess he miss me so much). He will demand to wear shoes if he knows we are going out, he even chooses which pair he wants to wear. Each time we are on dining table, he will pull his baby chair next to me and demands to sit so he could join us for meals!

Caterpillar will not give up when Smurf grab his toys, he will fight back or he will cry out loud to complain and ask for sympathy. He is another drama king in the house!! He is good at fake cry at this age! Faint!

Caterpillar is not our first child, yet we are so excited and thrill with each of his milestone… We will cheer and clap hand; he is another happy pie of the family. He loves goes near my mum ask for hug and demands pamper from my mum.

Can’t believe he grows up so fast from a small tiny caterpillar into a toddler!

Yesterday Smurf when for nursery trial for whole day, it was a tough day for him. Not like usual routine where his daddy will drop me in the office. We had to take LRT from University Station to KLCC Station. When I dropped him at nursery, he refused to let me go. No matter how hard I tried to convince him with all the toys. I was stuck there for 20 min. Finally he is willing to play the cushion slide, I managed to escape. The moment I was away and he found, he cried badly. The teacher hugged him, but he karate on her! Then he sat there for a while to calm himself. By 9am, he was there to enjoy all the toys. I went there again on 10am to check on him, he was happily playing and can even waive bye bye to me when I left.

I went to pick him up at 6.10pm, he was bathed, had his lunch and snack, napped and dressed up and waiting for me with the bags. Teachers were compliment him being so good boy, he finished his lunch and milk so fast, napped with fuss and he was so good. All of them like him. I was so glad and feel so happy for his milestone.


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