Smurf’s bed

For the last 2 weeks, Smurf has upgraded from cot to mattress on the floor.

It is a tough decision for me…but I have no choice to move him down. For the passed 5 months, I have been ‘hamburger’ to Smurf and Caterpillar. I have less than 50cm space to sleep on the bed.

So we decided to buy new mattress, pillow and so on for him…Before we bought it, I told him I am going to buy him new mattress, he was excited… keep bugging me where is the new mattress. So I guess he is ready to sleep by his own in the same room.

We went to shop for him and waited him to come back and open it.


Tadaaaa… These were what we shopped for him. Hope he likes it.

bed 2

We arranged nicely on the floor, waited him to come back and gave him a surprised!!

bed 3

There he enjoyed his new bed!

For the first 2 days, he instructed me to sleep on the bed without company him. I was happy and sad, what a mixed feeling. Happy to see how independent of him. Sad is oh my boy grow up so fast, he don’t need me to hug him to sleep.

Smurf sleeping

My baby still sleep in this way till now, even at 32 months… Hubby was joking in the FB with this ‘girlfriend/wife application are now open for the Smurf… he will put others before himself and will display love to the fullest’ Do you know why? Cause he let him bears sleep on the bed and he sleep on the floor! Oh my!

Off and on, Smurf will wake up middle of the night and requested me to sleep next to him…heheeh…. I am happy, I am still wanted by him!!


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