Caterpillar turns 6 months

Times really flies…. so fast Caterpillar has turned to 6 months… I tried to deny, tried to avoid, tried not to think about it… but I know I can’t. I have face the reality.

I really wish he will stays like baby, I love to carry him with my both arms. But I can’t stop my baby from growing…

I have been breastfeeding him for 6 months, no formula milk added for this round. I hope I can continue to last for another 6 months, till he is 1 year old.

6 months is the month where we have to start to introduce him solid food.

We started with Avocado… For the 1st time, he shown that funny expression… like oh my, what is that greenish thing, so tasteless!I have added breastmilk to dilute a bit so easy for him.

I tried so hard to think what was the schedule I had for Smurf, how I fit in his milk schedule, but I couldn’t recall from my dory memory… How come ??

I tried harder, still can’t remember! So I better write it down…

8am is BM, 12pm is Avocado with BM, 130pm BM with 2oz, and so on…

After avocado, will try out sweet potatoes, then papaya…

Lately, he is getting more demanding… the moment he see me, he will cry, wanted me to carry!! Once I hold him, the crocodile tears are gone!! Replace with charming smile!!! Muaks

Avocado here I come :)

Avocado here I come 🙂



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