Smurf at 30 months

Smurf is 30 months now… so he will be 3 years old soon… I couldn’t believe time flies so fast… I hope the time can be slower, so I could retain Smurf from growing…So he can stays cute like this longer… He is my cutie pie…

Last week was extremely busy for us… So many things happened. Share some photos here with you update on Smurf

Smurf was trying hard to block his younger brother to go to kitchen area. He used all the small pillows available and lay down on it…

Smurf was trying to block caterpillar to kitchen

Smurf was trying to block caterpillar to kitchen


We went to hot air balloon. He saw his favourite toy – bubble gun, was pestering his father to buy for him. Cause he knows I won’t agree as the bubble gun doesn’t last long. There he was enjoying it at the balcony

Happily playing bubble... that's his favourite

Happily playing bubble… that’s his favourite

 All the while I only introduced colour pencils to Smurf. Reason being is less chaos… Last week, when I introduced crayon colour to him, there he enjoyed it so much. But it was a bit messy need some cleaned up after that.

Enjoying colouring

Enjoying colouring

  This was one of the weekend meal with us. He managed to finish it and yet non-stop eating. He kept on demanding for carrots, cucumbers and cherry tomato, after that biscuits follow up by more snacks! And yet, he didn’t put on much weight! I wonder there are worms in his stomach! My mum is keep on complaining he didn’t put much weight and thought I didn’t give him enough food! I wonder if my mum knew the amount of food he takes, will she be shock? hahaa

Daddy's homecooked food!

Daddy’s homecooked food!



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