How long I have missed a PROPER sleep? 2 months? 6 months? 1 year? 2 years? 3 years?

I have sleep deprived since 2011 till now… 3 years sleep deprived.

When it started? Since I preggy with Smurf, but that wasn’t so bad. I still managed to sleep just not good sleep. After Smurf was born, I thought I can get my proper and beauty sleep back. Guess I was wrong again, Smurf was a light sleeper! A tiny sound will wake him up and nurse around the clock! He woke up every hour to nurse, despite that; I still determine not to stop breastfeeding.

When Smurf turned 1 year old, I managed to wean off night feed. I started refuse to let him nurse at night with 5 min, then to 10 min, from 10 min to 20 min, then 30 min…. I had to stand with his cried and crankiness. But I managed to wean his off. I was confident that he continuously demanded to nurse at night was not due to hungry but more to habit or stay close to me. After I weaned his off, he used to sleep under my armpit! Did he still wake up in the midnight? Yes, of course… He woke up at another side of the bed, cried and crawl back to me, continue his beautiful dream on my chest again. For that, I still managed to get some quality sleep even have to wake up few times in a night, much better as I don’t need to wake up every hours. I do, get better rest!

When I was pregnant with Caterpillar, sleep deprived again. My back hurt so much and always short of breath. I thought, maybe for Smurf is high need baby I couldn’t get any sleep. But second baby, luck should be on my side. I should have baby where after nurse I just need to put it down and he will sleep like an angel!

I was so wrong, Caterpillar is another high need baby. He cried badly even in confinement month! Confinement lady (CL) and I have to do shift to take turn to sleep. CL slept from 12am to 2/3am while I took care of him. I will be next shift, I slept from 3am to 7am. In the between I had to dream feed him. While day time, I thought I can have proper sleep. I was wrong again as it was the same!

Now Caterpillar is to six months, he still wakes up every half or 1 hour to nurse. I am still suffering from sleep deprived. Some friends have advised me to give formula milk to him which will makes him fullness. But I don’t believe that, I believe breastfeed are also good as that. I don’t think he demanded to nurse are due to hungry, it is more to comfort latch.

Therefore, if you see, don’t get shock ! I have the same signature look as our cute Panda!! I know I am cute!! Don’t be jealous hahaha


Source of photo from internet

Source of photo from internet


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  1. I couldn’t resist commenting. Very well

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