My Caterpillar

Caterpillar is going to be 5 months by 25 Feb. Now he can flip very well… He still wake up often at night for nurse, sometimes wake up to poo and play.

I have been sleep deprived for months… getting blur and blur by days. Caterpillar will nurse from 1am to 2am/3am non-stop. Then totally awake by 3am, poo and play till 4am. Sleep back at 5am after nurse again. I need to wake up by 7am the latest. Really tired. I am back to my pre-pregnancy weight 45kg by now, however my tummy still look like pregnant for 4 months 😦

Caterpillar don’t likes to be alone… he loves company. If we leave him on the playmat alone, he will wails till you get him. He also adores his brother so much, whenever Smurf is around him, his eyes are sparkling. Smurf loves his brother but he also jealous and sometimes refuse to share the toys with him.

At 4 months age, Caterpillar is getting busy body and always interupt by sound when he is nursing. He couldn’t nurse properly, keep unlatch to find the sound of the source! He also impatient boy, when is lower flow, he will grumpy!

Smurf is 2.5 years old, getting cheaky n cheaky. Love his company after a tired of work day. He will drive me crazy too sometimes…

Smurf and Caterpillar, mummy love both of you…


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