Arrival of my prince

38 wks and 5 days, here my little lover report his arrival on 25 Sept 2013 at 3.07pm

From my previous post, I was complaininig no sign, no show…. On 24 Sept, I kept on felt like want to poo… I prayed hard, pls give me some sign rather than contraction. Why? Cause I really don’t know what’s the contraction provided it is very strong. Back home, my back was so pain and I kept want to poo, but nothing came out. I couldn’t slept till midnight. I was so worry if the show is only contraction. Then a friend of mind share a contact of a homebirth personnel number for me to call. I spoke to her… she told me as long that’s no show, no need to worry. No need to rush to hospital, take some hot drink and try to get some rest.

After the called, I managed to poo. I tried my best to get some rest, but I couldn’t. So I wake up at 3am to wash my hair and bathed. I tried to hug Smurf to sleep… that’s how my little boy made me slept!

The next day morning, I woke up I saw some blood! Oh mine, thank you God! I finally get to see some sign rather than only contraction. I rang my sil to pick up little man to mil’s house. Was so worry little man wouldn’t follow my sil. But glad that he was find and very behave on that day.

I had my breakfast and packed my hospital bag… here we go to hospital. Reached hospital around 10am. I was praying hard I will get to see the same midwive who helped me on last labour! Yup, she was on duty!! Yeah….

They checked, I was dilated 2-3cm. I still managed move around with the contraction… Around 1pm, doc came to break my water bag and advice me to induce. At that time, I was dilated 4-5cm. After the water bag broke, the contraction was stronger and stronger. At 2pm, they fixed the drip on me… contraction started become stronger and stronger… I still trying my best not to take pain killer jab, so I won’t be drowsy after give birth and manage to breastfeed immediately. What hubby was doing while I was having contraction? He was not massaging my back like previously! He was busying whatsapp, facebooking update the status, took photo of the monitor of my contraction!! I was like argggg…. if I were not so pain, I would like to kick his ass!!!!

2.45pm, the contraction was so strong till I couldn’t take it anymore. I was so in pain that I started to think maybe I should have the jab!! I can’t take it! Before I managed to ask the jab, the midwives checked again. I was dilated 8-9cm and I have the urge wanted to poo. There you are, no chance to take the jab!! They told me, they have to get the doctor to come.

Once the doctor reached, she told me I can started to push!! I was like huh? dilated to 10cm? When the doctor used her finger tried to enlarge it! The pain!! I felt like want to kill someone! It was so pain, more painful than the contraction!! Then the doctor told me to push! Deep in my heart, I was like, ‘damm shit! I tried to be hero, refused to take the pain killer jab, now it was so pain, I wonder I can push or not… Oh not, I might ended up need to use vaccum or C!!” Whatever, I told myself, tried to push first, tried… if can’t, nothing much I can do. After second push, managed to see the head. Third push, the head was out! I was so relief and thank you God for the blessing!

Here was the painful part, since I didn’t take the painkiller jab, I can felt doc was doing the stitching! It was so painful. My legs was shievering for half an hour! Even they had gave me the painkiller after that, at 4-5pm, I still complained pain! I dare not move a single cm! I was lying down on my back since 2pm till 7pm without moving my lower part body! That’s how pain was it. The pain was greater than the contraction!!!

My prince, he was so chinese look….hahaha… like American Chinese look. Rosy cheek, whole body was so red! As red as like red lobster! I nursed him right after that with the pain. He was so manja, the manja, once they put him on my chest, he stopped crying. Once they move him, he cried badly.

We stayed 3D2N and discharged from the hospital.


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