Smurf at 20 months

Smurf turned 20 months… Now he is little man.

But he got give once he turned 20 months old… He fell from a sofa and hit at the edge of his table, a deep cut on his right eyebrow!! We got the called from SIL around 5 something… by the time we rush back is around 7pm and no more bleeding.. Had a quick dinner and rushed to clinic, waited for 2 hours for our turn. The doc announced unable to do the stitches as is more than 2 hours. No one inform us about it and we were not aware of it. We don’t know if want to stitch need to perform within 2 hours.  And first place, I don’t even know need to stitch!! I thought once stop bleeding, just apply some medication will do.

However, little man still active as usual. But he know he did something wrong, dare not get pamper from me when I reached home. He only cried when doc performed the cleaning and applied the ointment.


We will told to monitor him for 48 hours, ensure not vomitting, dizzy and pale!!

Another day, when I was a bit better, I baked honey cornflakes… Why I chosen this, cause is the easy to bake and prepare. Little man loves it so much, he went near to oven to smell it!! After baked, waited to cool down, he requested to have it.

I gave him some and he wanted for more, more and more… Therefore, I have to hide it!!  See what happened when I left it on the table?? Little man pull his chair and climb up the table to have it!


Since I am having ms, little man is so care for me. Once daddy prepare the dinner, he will come and get me from the room. He will hug me when I am cold, he requests me to rest on his lap, he pat my chest after I have a bad throw out. So many things, so many adorable things he do to me, make me so touch!



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