Morning Sickness

I have severe morning sickness. I think is not right to name it morning sickness, cause I have it 24/7! Yup, you didn’t read wrongly, is 24/7. Therefore I think it will appropriate to name it 24/7 morning sickness.

AND, morning sickness doesn’t last only in 1st trimester! For my last pregnancy, I had it till I entered to labour room.

Yup, 1st trimester was so bad, I was on medical leave for 1 ½ months. People kept telling me everything will be fine after 1st trimester. I was waited patience for the day to come so I can enjoy my food. But it even came. Yup, the throwing out subsided after 1st trimester, but I still throw out off and on.

Everyday after work, I held the plastic bag in the car. After dinner, rush back so I can puke in the bathroom! It was so awful!

Imagine, I was just pregnant not sick. BUT physically, I am sick for 9 months. I dare not go anywhere. Home to office, home to my mum place, home to hospital for check up, that’s my life for the previous pregnant life! My tongue tasted funny, like metallic taste. Anything I ate also taste funny!

But the moment I gave birth, immediately, immediately everything back to normal. I was so glad.

NOW, the cycle starts again. I don’t know this round how long will it last. I have no idea! Last round even I can’t eat, I still managed to drink the soya protein drink. This round, totally out! Therefore, I lost weight, from 46kg to 43kg. I tried to force myself eat a bit, frequent but still can’t bring up the weight.

I really hope, morning sickness will go away asap! Wish me luck!

p/s: Am I scare of morning sickness? Oh yes, I am phobia with it! It terrified me!!


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