World has changed

Feel very sad with all the current news, children been abuse, neglected by parents, starve the children till dead…..

What’s wrong with current world and society? How can human being in such behavior? Even animals know how to protect their baby, what about we as human.

William case, a four years old girl was gang raped and drown to dead in India, a 2 years old boy was terrible torture till die in Taiwan and so on

Heart wrenching and grief to read all this news! What’s wrong with our human? Why?

I read one article before, a baby before born. He/she will ask God, where is he/she going. God told her not to worry, an angel is waiting for him/her. The angel will protect, shower him/her with full of love, nurture him/her and so on. The angel is MOTHER.

Some people just taking for granted. They just throw the baby, kill the baby or torture them. I wonder why they don’t just give the baby to someone who will love them if they don’t want them anymore! Some people try to hard to have children and the wish doesn’t come through. Some people just throw it away. Some children fight so hard for the sickness and lost the battle, some are just kill their healthy baby.

Baby or children are born to grow in love environment, nurture them to a good human, to protect them from dangerous, not in another way round.

IF you found any children has been abused, please make a report to the police before it is too late!


God, please save the world, please save your children who are in sin. Please lead them back to the right path and follow all your words in bible. God, please help, please guide! Amen


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