Mischievous Angel Smurf at 17 months

Mischievous Angel Smurf at 17 months brings a lot of laugh in our lives and totally out of aspect that he will behave in that way. A 17 months boy tries to play a trick with his granny!!

Last week, his granny complained about the little Smurf, she said’ Eh, now he got new TACTIC already you know!! When I put him to sleep he will throw down his small teddy bear, when I pick it up he will throw the big one and will run down the bed!! I must catch him for his afternoon nap!” The very playful Smurf!

Tuesday, I stayed at home to babysit him as mother in law went for medical check up. After the lunch and milk, I was resting on the chair. He pulled my hand and insisted me to follow him. I was wondering where he wanted me to go. Then he leaded me to the room, pointed the bed and said ‘bed’. He requested me to bed. So I went up to the bed. Next he requested me to lie down on the pillow, I followed. Once I lay down, he told me he wanted to nurse!

I tried to wean him off. Cause I think the reason he wakes up middle of night to nurse, just for comfort and not he wants is hungry. So at night after nursed him to sleep, I went to another room to get some proper rest while his daddy will sleep with him. By 11.45pm, he cried and cried looking for me. He cried and cried, coughed and coughed, wanted to throw up for about 15 minutes. He knew we made a switch and mummy is still in the house. So he cried non stop till I magically re-apper and he immediately stopped. He hugged me tight and refused to go back to his daddy. So his daddy asked, “where daddy should go??” “Neeehhh (pointing out the door)”, he said. Mean, daddy please goes back to your room, leave mummy and me alone!

See! At such a young age! Faint!


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