My little Man

My little Smurf has turning into my little man now… I am so bless… Thank you God!

Yesterday we were on the way to Church.  I was holding little man’s tiny and soft hand and on another hand I was holding his milk cooler bag. He saw it and demanded to hold it. It was not heavy for me, so I thought is ok to let him hold. He was holding till the car park… struggling as it was a bit big for him. I told him, ‘let mummy hold it’. He refused… was trying very hard to hold it. Till his daddy offered, he gave in. Oh my little man… he is like his daddy, love me… don’t let me hold anything… He is my little man… my heart melt… melt…

Then at his age, 14 months, he is learning to mop the floor, sweep the floor, vaccum the floor, learn to cook as well… my mine, my little man.

He know where is his eyes, nose, mouth, ear, hair, hand and legs… He brings up the socking to his daddy every morning while his daddy is dressing.

He will help to put his soil diaper into dustbin without I even tell him. He know where to put the laundry into the pail… He will pick up my clothes when I come out from the bathroom…

Isn’t that my little man is so adorable? Melt… melt my heart.

Yesterday while I was nursing him as usual, I rubbed his back and sang him ‘twinkle twinkle little star’… Then he looked up and gave me a kiss and continue to nurse back… so sweet…

Started last 2 weeks, little man loves to sleep on my body. If I moved him after he asleep, he will wake up and climb back… UNLESS… his will to roll back bed… I was having backache, neckache, shoulder ache… and unable to change position. I was complaining at the early stage… then I looked back… Hey, why am I complaining… I should treasure and cherish it! Cherish that he still wants to be close to me, cherish the moment, the initimate moment between us, the special bonding we have… I should be happy He still loves it and want to get close to me… I know even pay off with lack of sleep and those package of ‘ache’..

Here is the photo taken yesterday… Little man, mummy caught you in act!! Anywhere, mummy enjoying your roll here and there action on mummy’s body!! Mummy thought you love cooling, surprised you love the warm from mummy! muaks



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