“Neuroblastoma” this word is not new to me. I found this word early of the year when I came across a feisty toddler girl found for this sickness and lost the battle. The blog was setup by her mum, how they tried so hard, how many round of chemotherapy, radiation treatment and so on…

I cried so hard, so many days for Charmaine, how a 3 years old girl found so hard for 2 years old. In and out from the hospital, blood transfusion, chemo, MRI, CT Scan…. I cried and cried, even after I finished read the blog. Yup, I read from the day 1 she was diagnosed with this cancer.

It is so pain to see how she suffered so much. How strong her spirit? How such a tiny body have to gone through such a pain.

This month…again I found another blog, Ronan who lost his battle too in “Neuroblastoma” cancer. Ronan the Rock Star lost after 9 months. He was 3 years old plus when diagnosed this sickness. Again, I was crying like mad, so lost, so speechless, so… Ronan is so cute, so adorable and so beautiful, why on earth this happened on his? Isn’t people who fight so hard should deserve to be save or live till old?

Why always happened on kids, on baby? Why have to let such a fragile and tiny body to suffer the pain?

Why not choose those like rapper, killer or the bad man… why happened on these poor babies?

How would the mother need to suffer the lost, the pain that her adorable baby not around and ‘eaten’ by the CANCER? How? The grief, the sorrow, the lost, the pain, the mourn of a mother, the anguish, the anger of parents who can’t do anything to help their baby in pain and slowly drift away, the berserk of parents who sit back and see their baby died….

Isn’t those babies are the angels that send by God, the angel who broke their wind and come into our life to cheer us, to give us happy… But why ? why they have to suffer like this? Why haven’t have medicine can 100% cure the children who suffer this sickness?

I really don’t know how long I will need to ‘heal’ from this pain again; I have no idea how much time needed for this round. Because my mind is full of Rockstarronan’s face, his feisty, his pain, his smile….

RIP my dear!

Pls pray for those in pain, pls pray we will manage to find a medicine can cure the sickness, pls pray that’s should not have any babies suffer in pain…


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