Lovely Smurf – 1 year old

I sprained my back while trying to be heroin to help my mother in law hanging clothes. I was in the hurry, I need to rush to hospital to take over my brother shift which on 25 Aug. I was running late and mother in law still haven’t finished with the laundry. I was holding him on my right side and bend to left side to pick up clothes from the pail. 1 attempted was ok, 2nd attempted, wooo… so painful till I barely could moved.

I know.. I should bend my knees rather than just like that. I was so pain till I couldn’t move for a second. After I could managed it, I went to lie down and apply cold ice on it. Hoping it would be so bad, cause I still need to go to hospital to take care my dad.

I put plaster and sit straight the whole day. But the pain still killing me… aiyoh! aiyoh!!.

Now here’s the part where our little Smurf touched our hearts. We picked him up at night from in law’s place and into the car seat. Normally he’ll be drama drama and I has to entertain him like a little Prince all the way home.

That day, I was sobbing in pain, ‘aiyoh..aiyoh, pain!! pain!!’. Little Smurf with his browns tucked closely in worry and with a bit of watery eyes and to top that up with his guilty lips (the fish pose). He was ever so quiet ‘almost’ all the way home!! (99% of the journey)

My heart melted!! My little Smurf love mummy and know mummy was in pain… Love you Little Smurf, you bring so much love and laughs into our life. Life isn’t completed without you! muaks


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