Little Smurf in 10 months

Little Smurf is 10 months now!! Time is really fly… fly too fast, got to catch and appreciate it. Shall no wait for it!!

Little Smurf is more cheeky nowadays, he enjoys food a lot, of course poo poo a lot as well, 6-7 times a day. So his nickname is Mr Kit Poo Poo from me… hahaaha  Mr. Poo Poo manages to stand longer and more stable.

He can lift the pail up (small pail)

He is using straw cup

He loves mumble ‘papamama’

He knows to point on the thing

He know how to throw thing especially his toys

He is taking oats, bitter gourd, fish, chicken and zucchini

He is learning walking by pushing the chair or stool.

He loves to play chasing by his daddy while crawling

He loves to kiss me, of course free with saliva!!

He can bite food

He has 8 teeth, 4 from up and 4 from bottom

He can pass thing to you like flash card, towel or cup

He will greet us from the gate when we come back, waving and cheering.

Oh… I miss him now even though I just saw him 8 hours ago. Muaks!! My little Smurf Poo Poo!! 2 more month, he will turn to 1 year old, no more infant, he will be a toddler!!


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