The Taxi Daddy

LO is growing very fast and demanding as well. He will express his demand even when he was 8 months.

He will demand he wants to latch. He will demand he wants to drink. He demands on the food in our hand. Lately, he demands his daddy to carry him to look for me!!

Yes, no joke. So Papa Smurf becomes The Taxi Daddy!! When will daddy become taxi driver? When mummy is away from Little Smurf and Little Smurf wants to find mummy! He won’t crawl, he climbs up to daddy’s body and demand daddy to carry him and look for mummy!! He will continue cranky or crying till Papa Smurf moves his heavy buttock! When he found me, that’s grin on his face!

Since Little Smurf requested Papa Smurf become taxi driver, Papa Smurf charge RM0.20 per metre! That’s expensive, am I right? Our house is 1200sf, this can be the most expensive taxi fare in the world!! Every 1 metre Papa Smurf walk, RM0.20 is the charge… cheng $ cheng $ cheng $

Here’s the conversation.

Smurf : (crying and cranky, climbing up daddy’s body)

Papa Smurf: What do you want?

Smurf: (continue crying and demanding)

Papa Smurf: You want to look for mummy, isn’t? Are you sure? Is RM0.20 per metre?

Smurf: (continue crying and demanding)

Papa Smurf: but mummy is in the bathroom, you can just crawl. RM0.20 per metre is darn expensive, you know… Are you sure

Smurf: (continue crying and demanding)

Papa Smurf: okie dokie… here is the bill, RM0.40.

Once Papa Smurf move, you can see the grin on Little Smurf’s face!! He changes within a second, from crying face to smiling face. That’s how The Taxi Daddy exist !!!


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