Last Friday I was excited to go home. Why? I bought some cheese to my little Smurf. I was so excited to introduce the food to him. I reached home, washed hand and ta daa!! He loves the cheese, demanding more. However, I only gave him one cube and monitored. Just in case he is allergy to the cheese.

At night we reached home, after hubby changed his diaper. Hubby told me he has rashes! I was like, omg, don’t tell me he is having allergy to cheese, such a delicious food. Then we found out, he has 6-7 mossie bite!! Couldn’t believe it, it flare and swollen.

Sat, we are unable to go out due to BERSIH. Everywhere is so jammed and road block. So we decided to stay at home. He was very cranky and having mild fever. We thought he might be teething or maybe having chicken pox. HFMD didn’t cross our mind as we don’t think he will get it due to he is not in nursery and not going out for the pass week. Mean time, we continue to feed him coconut water

Sunday morning, we brought him to doctor at Bangsar Village II. Doctor diagnosed HFMD, but we still don’t believe it. And apparently this will last 7-10 days. And HFMD has virus A, B and C. if you got it for virus A, you have immune for virus A but not for B and C. So have to watch out and be careful. No medication was prescribe to little Smurf.

Monday morning, I decided to stay at home to take care little Smurf rather than send to my in law’s house. We brought him again to doc, to our normal pediatrician. Doc confirmed is HFMD and prescribed some drop to numb his mouth. This was due to there was ulcers developed in his mouth. The drop will numb and so he can continue to eat and drink. Smurf was so cranky due to the pain. He wanted to drink badly, but he dare not. He wants to latch, but he knows he can’t. So to satisfy himself, he still demanded for latch, but just latch without movement. It was so pitiful and sad to see it. He leave his mouth open dare not move. We continue to feed him coconut water and barley. We tried our best to feed as much fluid to him so he won’t be dehydrated.

Tuesday early morning he cried badly. I guessed he can felt the pain due to the ulcers, we decided to give him the drop again. After the drop, we tried to feed him milk so he could sleep longer. I was so worried; he didn’t eat much or drink much. So scare will dehydrate and need to admit to hospital. By dinner, he managed to have his porridge and snack.

Wednesday was much better. He was still clingy but not so cranky. He can eat and drink without the drop help!! Yeah, was so happy. This means he is recovering and took less than 7 days!!

Ulcer is the last symptom for HFMD and is the most painful stage! The rashes on the body are not so bad. Adult can get the disease as well if the immune system is low. Therefore, more wash hand, no food sharing with kids during the period and boost up your vitamin C. I think coconut water and barley do help.


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