Busy week

This week… or should I say this month… this month is not a good month for me. I have been literally sick from early of the month till now.

First I sprained my neck during my slept. It was so bad. I couldn’t even turn or look down. I went to chiropractic. The doc told me he can’t do anything as this moment due to that’s swollen on my shoulder to my neck. Asked me to apply cold ice bag and see him the following week. There you go, my $100 gone!!

The following week, I went again, I couldn’t stand it anymore. It was so bad, I can feel the pull till my head. I was like having migraine every week. I have no choice to follow up my appointment. I went. This time, the doc fixed my neck. I was eager to hear the ‘crack’ sound. I feel much better after the treatment.  I managed to turn my neck, look down or bend it to the left and right. However, the pain still there.

The 3rd week, I was having whole body ache till max… I barely could move! My head, my shoulder, my back, my elbow, my knee, my fingers… you name it!! Here you go, 2 days mc at home. No fever, no cough and no flu, just body pain. I only took panadol, that’s all.

This week, my little Smurf is not feeling well. He is having fever, highest temperature is 38.1. Fever started on Sunday evening. I keep on sponge him, fee him water. No medication. Monday evening after we picked him up from MIL’s house, he threw out all his dinner on my body. Lucky we reached home and it was near the lift lobby. My top was full with what he ate for dinner. Washed him up, changed him to new top and apply cool fever on his forehead. I fed him coconut water. He drank from straw!! Yes, you didn’t read wrongly, he drank from straw at 8 months. He is big boy liao!! At that moment, I feel so proud, my little Smurf is big boy, he can drinks from straw!!

Next day we brought him to doctor, in case he has ear infection or sore throat. HFMD is spreading badly here. Doc said nothing, no infection, no sore throat. Just continue to monitor his temperature and prescribe him panadol and probiotic!

I still feel very tired, body still pain. But I still need to take care of him. He still wakes up often in the midnight to latch. Next week, he is turning 9 months. Times really fly very fast!!

Another development from Little Smurf is he knows where I am, he will find me. He will crawl from living room to our room or even in the study room where I use to spend my time. That’s amazing, am I right? He remembers where I am!! And lately, he develops a very cute post, while he sit down, he will tilt his head to left side and smile at you. That is very very 1000x cute!! He is so so adorable.

By the way, his separation anxiety is back again… he is clingy to me again!! Don’t want his daddy!! My hand..ouck.. so painful after long hour carry him!


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