Feisty Princess Charmaine

I’m following a blog, a blog setup by a cancer girl’s mother. I read from the beginning the girl diagnosed with cancer, pleaded public for the fund to get treatment in US, relapsed, progressed, chemo and so on.


My heart was like riding a roller coaster, up and down, happy and sad again.. more and more bad news from the battle!! My heart was wrenching so badly!!

How a little girl had to suffer all the pain, why couldn’t she deserved a normal life like that other children. How the mother a divorcees struggle with a cancer daughter and a normal son? The strength to go through all the bad news, challenges again and again?

Charmine – such a brave and adorable girl. Never fail without her cheeky smile, so strong to face all the challenges, the pain, immobility, the bitter and difficult to swallow medicine, fighting with the high fever that unable to control….And she is just a small child, yet so mature. That’s one time she was so pain, she was touching her mum face, telling her mum: “Mommy, I’m so sorry to make you cry… I’m so sorry I can’t control my pain…” when the pain gets worse, she screams “ Mommy, I love you so much!”  I cried so hard, so badly…. I’m speechless after read each posts by her mum, godma and friends.

I really can’t imagine how much she had suffered, a small body that can’t fight the monster in her body, suffered all the pain. I know, she lost the battle and pain free with God now. May she rest in peace.

For the days I read the blog, that’s no smile on my face. My mind keeps having those pictures, how she suffered, how the mother faced the pain, the fear, the sadness, the shock… How much they hope to be like a ‘normal’ family. My heart feels so pain.

Money can’t save you from sickness; money can’t buy your life… treasure all you have, so no regret later.


p/s: I’m still reading… trying my best to finish the blog soon. On the other of mine, telling me to stop reading, stop reading as I’m getting sadder. Which is not good for me !!


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