Being a Mum, why so different??

How come become a mother, my feeling is so different?? Last week, I read the news about Thai  kid boxer, those children from poor proven, was sent by their parents to earn money, they hit hard, fight just to earn money for food.  I feel so sad and so down… They were so young, have to work hard for food and shelter, they fight for it… internal body injury, brain damage, BUT they are so young, what would be their future? How are they going to live for it in their future?

 Today, I saw another news that JB taska, wrapped the baby’s body and tapped their mouth, just to make them sleep… I feel so sad, tearing, heart wrenching.. I wonder how can those ppl so cruel to treat those babies… They are innocent, they are angel… no matter how bad your employer treat your, you as a care taker, you shouldn’t revenge on those angels. What if other people treat your baby in this way, how would you feel?

 how to control my sadness??

 Before become a mother, I saw this kind of news, I still sad.. but not till this terrible!! Why so much different??

 Not only this. All the while, I thought vaccination is good for our little angel. Even the price is expensive, I don’t mind to pay, I can find the money.

Therefore, I gave my Little Smurf the vaccination just want to protect him from disease. After the vaccination, then I came across more things that really frightening me!! Some people has side effect from vaccination, mild will be eczema, worst can be fist or autism, worst worst, die!!

 I’m like so confuse, I work hard, earn hard, gave vaccination to Little Smurf hoping him to get protection. But I might ended up give him others!! Now, in dilemma, give or don’t give?

 Same thing when I bought him amber necklace, heard the amber necklace can help in teething. So Little Smurf won’t be so pain. But then, I started to worry, Little Smurf might pull the necklace, can’t breath, or accidentally pull the necklace and swallow the amber and get choke!!

 See, why la?? Why being a mother is so so so much different?? Do you have the same feeling like me?? How you overcome it? How you manage??

Then my friend told me PRAY

 Pray for strength

Pray for guidance

Pray for wisdom

Pray for peace

Pray for everything


And don’t take things for granted. Our life is so fragile…. pls do and don’t wait!!



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