It has been 5 months and 3 days without proper sleep. Aiden has been up very frequent. When he is good, only twice. When he is active, every hours!!

I’m really zombie now… boost up with supplements and essence chicken doesn’t really help… I still feel mild dizzy…

What can I do? none.. asking around, seen doctor, chiropractic as well… nothing help.. Guess I just have to cope with it…

God, our dear Father, pls pity me, pls sympathy with sleepless and panda eye of your daughter…

I really need to rest, so my brain can work, I will be more energetic and more patient, can take up more challenges that waiting for me.

Some friends suggested – cry it loud method. I, myself serious don’t really buy in the idea. I just can’t bare with it. Just because I need to get some rest, and let the little one to cry till sweat, till vomit. I just couldn’t make it.

I tried – No cry sleep solution, it doesn’t work as well… I wonder what’s goes wrong.

Send to my parents in law – we did, few times, since we need to be away for some stuff.. ended up, the next night, it will be harder. And LO still cry out loud in law place.

I left with no choice!! Just pray hard only!!!!

Till then you will see my panda eyes, no ‘working brain’, zombie walking style, mummie dry skin!!!

One day when LO grow up and find out this, he maybe comment this “mummy, see, because lack of sleeping, that’s why you managed to get back your pre-pregnancy body shape in few months!! And you got so many compliment since were back to work!! You have to thanks me ya!” Oucchhh…..


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