Baby joke

Yesterday hubby cooked spaghetti for lunch. We (Baby and we) waited for so long, from 12pm to 2pm. We have no choice to wait patiently.

2pm sharp, lunch was served. It was so yummy yummy! Delicious!! After lunch we moved to go to buy some baby stuff in the mall. On the way in the car, just right after lunch, baby moved dramatically, actively and bouncing.

So here was the conversation between hubby and me.

Me : Hubby, did you put any wine when you cooked spaghetti?

Hubby : Oh.. ya.. I forgot… I should put small cup of wine.. but since it was too rush, I totally forgot about it.

Me : Oh, really, so that’s no wine in the spaghetti?

Hubby : No, why??

Me : Ok, however it still delicious.

Me talking to the baby : Baby, stop all your drama, bouncing and kicking, you are not drunk. Daddy didn’t add any wine. So you are not drunk, stop your drama!! Hahahah… don’t try to cheat your mummy!!

Hubby was laughing all the way!!

I know… silly me 🙂


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