Mummy’s homemade love dumplings

I was craving for Mummy’s dumplings after I had Mummy’s homemade pao. I told mummy I missed the delicious dumplings she made.

Then we scheduled to make the dumplings on the labour day. Longer weekend and we can helped her. Unfortunately, one week before the day schedule, mummy suffered right leg pain. The pain was so bad till she can’t really move. I really want to cancel it, but mummy told me she had bought all the items.

I know deep in my heart, mummy wanted to make it cause I’m craving it. So no matter how pain, she will make for me. Mummy’s love the greatest in the world.

We helped mummy to prepare those necessary, but other than pre-cooked the filling, the most difficult part is to wrap the dumplings. I was trying very hard to practice to wrap the dumpling, so I can help out mummy. Unfortunately, it was so damm to wrap it.

I really, I can’t do much others than stand next to it see my mum wrap with pain. She took few times break due to can’t stand long and muscle pain on her back!!! I felt so angry with myself, so useless. I wish I didn’t say I want to eat dumplings!!!!

Finally mummy finished the wrapping and cooked it. It was so yummy, I ate with full of tears inside my heart. I treasure every single bites, that’s full of love from Mummy.

Mummy, thank you for the love, tender and care. Love you forever!!!


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