Icky experienced – Embarrassing

Even since I’m pregnant, I really lost my ‘sok lui’ image!! Why?? I can’t control my bladder especially when I sneeze.  This is so embarrassing!!

No matter I just came out from the ladies after few minutes. And worst, during my pregnancy, I have very bad sinus. This makes the situation worst.

I can easily sneeze many times in a day.  And I really worry each time before I sneeze. If I’m sitting down or alone, I will be relief!! At least I can use my thigh to tighten and help to control it. Or I’m standing, one hand on my nose, another hand at down, you know where it is!! (if I’m alone)

But imaging, if I’m in public…. I have to sneeze and how to have that posture, one on my nose and another hand down there in front of everybody…arggggg… this is so inappropriate!! And if I didn’t, then I will pee in my panty…

I even started to think use pamper when I go out….argggg..

Other than unable to control my bladder, I have another problem. I burp non-stop… regardless before or after the meals…

Once I was chatting with my colleague for half hour, I think I burped more than 5 times. And it was after lunch. I think the male colleague must think I have very full and delicious lunch 😦

Last but not list, fart!! See… the gas either releases via burp or FART!! Argggg… my image really gone 😦

Sometimes, I just couldn’t control the fart!! Whether I was half way talking or walking!! I really scare the fart with smell or fart with sound!!

I wonder when all these will go off!! This is so embarrassing


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