5 months plus

It has reached to half way of my journey… When I was in my 1st trimester, I suffered severe morning sickness… Doctor told me I was having Hyperemesis gravidarum… Family and friends comforted me by telling me I will be fine after 3 months…

Because I was unable to sleep, eat, threw up  and felt dizzy.. I was at home more than a month… And fortunately my boss was kind to let me worked from home. Or else I think I will burst my MC limit.

After 3 months, I was hoping to eat and sleep like normal… while.. think the faith was not at my side.. I still unable to eat and sleep…. nausea had subsided… While.. I was looking forward for 4th month which is in my 2nd trimester…

Well, after 4th month, I still… still can’t really eat and sleep well. I have been ranting about it … argg… pregnant is not fun.. 🙂

Now, I’m in my 5 months plus, I still throw out… still can’t sleep well.. other than that, added painful sensation on the upper part of my tummy… it is like poking, and tearing… sometimes, bloating like going to burst and heartburning!!

I wonder what’s next??

However I have give up the miracle.. which mean the morning sickness will gone and I can sleep well… Even though the morning sickness has subsided compared to 1st trimester.

I’m so glad and bless that I have very supportive family, hb and friends… who company and hold me till today.

Friends keep sharing with me… the morning sickness show that I have healthy pregnancy and healthy baby. I think that’s keep me going on….


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