Human are difficult to please…

Unable to eat also suffer… then started to worry not enough.

Eat also suffer… non-stop eating till the stomach like going to burst!!

So tell me… isn’t human are difficult to please 🙂

without realizing, I have been rant for more than 5 months.. yes.. 5 months, not 5 weeks…

Friends told me, times will fly faster.. enjoy it..

I wonder how to enjoy it when it cause so many discomfort and uneasy…. blek….

Little Banana is getting bossy and bossy.. what the hell… In the office and home, I’m the boss… but when come to this stage, the l.Banana is the boss… arggg!!! Should think a way to overcome it.. how can such a little banana taking over the control…wakakaak


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I'm a freelance make up artist... If you love my work..c email me
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