Have you heard of inherit? We inherit a lot of things from our parents, the look, the creativity, the way of talking and so many..

But do you know women inherit morning sickness from mothers too?

This is the first time I heard that… It really freak me out

sob..sob… I really want to cry out loud loud….

So this is nothing of health problem, whether your body is strong or not strong…

It is inherit from mother.

God, tell me what to do? Guide me what to do?

I really need you to guide me, to give me wisdom, give me strength

Please bless the baby… please hold my hand tight


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I'm a freelance make up artist... If you love my work..c email me
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2 Responses to Inherit

  1. MH Yap says:

    This is surely interesting. My mum have quite a terrible morning sickness. Same goes to my sisters. But suprisingly I don’t have any morning sickness.

    Anyway for those who have morning sickness, try looking at the bright side. There is a research indicates that mother who have morning sickness will give birth to a smarter baby. Plus having morning sickness also actually indicate you have a healthy pregnancy!!!

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