No choice

It has been more than one month plus I abandoned my blog. Did I do it on purpose??? No, I left with no choice.

I have no mood for anything, it has been driving me crazy as well. I don’t do any house chores, I don’t go out, I don’t dress up myself, no exercise, no make up and too many to list it.

No one have told me about it, no one have warmed me about it. I don’t it will be so terrible, so awful, so tiring, physical and mentality torturing.

I’m not sure how long I can stand, how long will the battle will last. I’m not sure will I manage to over come it.

When the thought came, then only I realized how weak am I!! Then only I realized that I’m not as strong as I thought!!

God, please please save me!!! Please help me!!! Please hold my hand and never let go. God, please comfort me, please reduce my pain.

First time I didn’t celebrate Christmas, no New Year and no CNY too.


About berrymelon1437101

I'm a freelance make up artist... If you love my work..c email me
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