I’m back from my dream…. Travel with my dream for 3 weeks and back to reality…

I should have blog about my travel excitement; however I’m unable to do it.

Not because I’m sick, become handicap or too many things to share till I don’t know how to  blog about it.

IT BECAUSE, I’m so so bloody BUSY!!

After touched down the durian land, my mobile phone is non-stop ringing and receiving non-stop smses.

First from my classmates, updating me all the necessary I need to prepare for my exam!! (I shouldn’t angry with this… cause they are so nice to help me while I’m having fun) Thank you to my bunch of classmates for all the helps… One of them even came to my house and helped me out, I’m so touch and really appreciate with it… you are my angel… you know who you are!!

Then from work…work…work… non-stop. My mobile phone battery was flat after half day!!

And I took 2 hours to login my lappy and took 1 hour plus to downloading all the emails!!!! More than 1000 emails…. Sob..sob…

While I’m away, no one backup my job… left pending… and I need to do it immediately 😦

I miss my vacation… cause no sms, no calls… so peaceful…. Sob..sob..

And now I’m still in office doing my works and can’t go home. Due to the brain can’t function well, that’s why you see my blogging and talk nonsense!!! Hahaha

Conclusion… back to reality is not a good thing!! Therefore, I need to work harder, save more for another vacation to have peaceful mind…hahah

Don’t worry, I will, definitely (finger cross) going to share about my trip and those lovely photos I took (I think) hahah


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