Snow whites and the dwarf

On Wednesday, I was involved in one event where I was one of the makeup artist. Mixed feeling for me…excited and also worried. Excited, because I can make up someone and added in my profile, which is good exposure for me. Worried… this is the first time I will make up those models.

Tell you man…  the models are so tall and slim….. or shall I say skinny! If anyone of you thinks I’m skinny…. Wait till you see the models…. Hmmmm… And when I stand next to them… they are like Snow white and I’m like the dwarf. Or shall I say elf??? so small and so tiny….

Reached the place around 3.30pm, geared up and waiting the models to arrive. My first model was quite friendly…. Glad she didn’t rush me to finish my work. And I was trying to finish as fast as I can. When the show started… it was like in the war… I was a bit shocked… the way of changing… rushing…preparing…

Finally, everything completed by 9pm. I was so tired… A good experience for me


About berrymelon1437101

I'm a freelance make up artist... If you love my work..c email me
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