Surprises from US

Thursday Pa came back from US…. Thanks God Pa came back safely… not sick… just a bit wobbly… I think that was due to jetlag… after a few days rest… everything should be fine.

Pa came back with a lot of things… OMG.. really thrilled me up 🙂

Sharing it with you….

Pa’s Princess

Blouse from CK

T-shirt from Niagara Falls

Very nice and smelling good bath soap…

Cute toy plane from Qatar Airways… it moves.. it will take me…flying.. flyingfar away

Hand sanitizer from Bath&Body works… smells so good..hahaha

Body lotion from Bath&Body works… smells so good and fresh… I should have requested to buy other flavours as well 😦 !!…The smell is so good, its like applying perfume.. so good…

My first Coach wristlet!!! Love it very much… so elegant!! Thank you Pa

And Sephora colour Diary 5 from granny and Aunty… Thank you so much !!

Just nice for me to travel 🙂

Arggg… I’m spoilt with all the choices.. which one shall I take with me on my trip??

More to come after this.. hahaha


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