Yoga teacher for a day

I was yoga teacher yesterday for my yoga class!! Hahaha.. Yup, you are not blur.. you read it correctly!!

My yoga teacher was away for 2 weeks and she was unable to find any replacement for our class. She approached me whether I’m comfortable to help her take over  the class.

That’s how I ended up became yoga teacher for A DAY!! She was nice, prepared the list what I should do and I just need follow… less headache for me

Before the class started, I print out the list what to do and have the photo for each position.  This will help if I’m too nervous and forget what the position is!!

I reached the class 5 min early and prepared myself. When I was there, only 2 person… haha.. So I joked, others might not coming because they know I’m taking over the class.  Since only 3 of us,  just need to do the sun salutes for few sets by ourselves and go home.. . tadaaa.. then my duty completed!!

However the wish didn’t come true… after few minutes, more and more people come. So I told them – ‘Paru is away, I’m replacing for her, please bare with me if I don’t do it correctly… let’s help each other ya!’  Then I started the class with the position sequence as given by Paru.

Childs Pose – 1 min

Downdog  – 2 min

Uttanasan – Standing forward fold – 2 min

 Gomukhasan hands – standing in tadasan, cowshead arms on both sides.

 Paschimanamaskar – hands in prayer pose at the back of body. If not possible, catch elbows

 Sun Salutes 9 sets

Childs pose

Trikonasan – Triangle – I min each side

 Warrior 2 – 1 min each side

 Parsvokanasan – side angle stretch, palms on the floor at back of knee. – I min each side

 Ardha Chandrasan – half moon pose – ½ min on each side

 Parsvottonasan – Side Intense stretch – 1 min on each side

 Warrior 1 – 1 min on each side

 Prasarita Padottonasan – legs extended out to side and fold forward.

 Janu sirsasan – Seated, one knee bent, forehead to knee.

 Revolved Janu Sirsasan



 But I think I’m too nervous, first time!! What to do??? I continue the position non-stop without letting them rest till Warrior 1. Then I noticed, alamak, I should stop at each position rather than continuously it.  No wonder all of them looked to so tired and struggle for each position. Because some of them are beginner!!

After the Warrior 1 position, I let them took a breath in rest and rest in child pose!! Then I saw better facial expression from the group !! huuu!!

I also shared with them. Some of the position, they might feel very difficult, unable to reach. That’s fine!!  Listen to your body! If your friend can reach on the floor, you can’t, is ok. Do within your limit. This round you are unable to reach it, but after few rounds, I believe you can.

I do hope I manage to encourage them and hope they benefit from it!!

So, do I feel good?? Yes, of course!!! Some new experience!! Of course I’m not as good as Paru, cause I’m unable to explain or guide them step by step… but I did try myself to share and guide them which ever I can!!

End of the class, I told them. Next week…… I won’t be taking over the class, someone else … so don’t worry, please come to the class.. and see you! haahaha


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