Beers at The Social, Bangsar

Class was cancelled on the last Friday. So I was so free… like bird… hehe.. I can fly to anywhere I like… fly and fly

So I decided to have some drinks. Therefore I stopped at The Social at Bangsar. It is opposite of the Bangsar Village II. Last year December I had my drinks at The Social, Bangsar with Lena who came back from US for holiday. We went to Madam Kwan for dinner, and then had our drink at The Social. I like this bistro and pub, cause near to my place..haha.. Other than that, the waiters and waitress are friendly and accommodating. And I get to see others play pool.  Last year, I haven’t learned how to play pool, so I didn’t try it. Well, this time I didn’t play as well… Just want to have my dinner and beers.

I have tried various beers on that night…hahaha  I had Strongbow with my salad as starter. Hmmm… the Strongbow taste not bad, I quite like it.

After that, I had Kilkenny…. Then only I realized I had Kilkenny before. I had with WS, celebrated my birthday earlier this year.

Guess what? I didn’t stop there after Kilkenny, I ordered Paulaner… one pint of Paulaner. I didn’t where I got the gut to order 1 pint of Paulaner… And I love Paulaner as well.. 🙂 And I also ordered Aromatic crispy duck… hmmm.. this is yummy yummy!! Take a pancake, first add the sauce and chili, then some vege and crispy duck, wrap it and enjoy it… Yummy..yummy… Good news is you can refill the pancake!! 🙂

I had my good time. Sharing the photos with all of you… sorry for the blur photos which I took it using my lousy mobile phone!

By the way, try to go there early, so you get to enjoy the happy hour… If I remember correctly, happy hour from 12pm to 9pm.

My first Strongbow… yummy yummy – RM 16 during happy hour

My salad 🙂

Kilkenny – RM 14 (I should try Kilkenny then Strongbow and follow by Paulaner, made a mistake!!, so the Kilkenny didn’t taste so good 😦 )

My Paulaner (pint) – RM23 if I remember correctly 🙂

Aromatic crispy duck – RM 32 🙂

This is one of the bistro I like in Bangsar, will definitely intro another bistro in Bangsar that I like it as well 🙂 Used to hang out there with Hirwan and Gerard… hmmm…miss them.. when are they coming back??


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