Very sad-sad commercial ad

I saw this… very sad, very touching.

Don’t you think all of us always take advantage on our love one… regardless is our parents, our lover, our best friends and etc.

We never appreciate what they have done for us and sacrified for us. Only regret later on.

Some people try to hard to stay together, appreciate what they have. Unfortunately, they can’t hold it… yet, they enjoy every moment, every minute they can, every second.

Don’t start to miss your mum’s cooking when she is not around while you are complain her cooking too lousy at this moment.

Stop complain about your wife nag a lots at this moment and miss her when she is not there to remind you all the things

Enjoy your dad’s accompany rather than complain he non-stop lecture you about everything.

Treasure and cheris what you have rather than regret later on

I hope non of us have to go through this process –  you will never understand what pain is until you have lost it.


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One Response to Very sad-sad commercial ad

  1. A says:

    Thank you that was so touching.

    a very tearful A

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