Bombay Palace – KL

Last Friday Ajit and I went to dine in Bombay Palace. This was the first time I dined in this place. Actually, I passed by the restaurant every morning on the way to work, it has been for the past 3 years. But it has never crossed my mind that I will go and have my meal in this place.

Ajit suggested I should go, the food is fantastic, delicious and you will be serving like a princess. I always think, Ajit should change his job… He should become Sales Manager rather than project manager. He can really sell well and persuaded you to buy 🙂

I shall not tell more about it… let the photos tell the story.  Conclusion, I love the ambience, the atmosphere, the simple decoration, the feel… of course the food, yummy yummy!!

Do you see the green colour dish, that’s my favour… is spinach with cottage cheese or Palak Paneer (in hindi). Coincidence my sister love this dish as well 🙂 hahaha

This was my favour yummy yummy mango lassi…

Ajit, thank you very much for the recommendation!! I really enjoyed it 🙂


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2 Responses to Bombay Palace – KL

  1. Ripleycyw says:

    Berry, where is this place?? I feel like going too !

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