Yummy yummy from Hokkaido

WK went to Hokkaido for holiday… so I was lucky… cause she brought some nice snacks from Hokkaido…

Tell you, is damm damm yummy!! You know me well, I seldom take snacks, cause I scare!! yes, scare to put on weight. I’m use to it, so I am fine even without snacks.

So when WK passed me the snacks from Hokkaido, I really appreciate it and I thought I will let my niece to have it. But to be polite, I should at least try, am I right?

OMG, I started with 1, ended up 3 !!! Then I said I must stopped!! Or else I will finish all of them

There are really good, yummy yummy… you can’t stop taking it. So I’m sharing it with you now – the photos, before I finish all of you 🙂 Sorry, can’t share the snacks with you… too yummy!!


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