Ferris wheel vs Carouse (Merry go round)

What’s the different between Ferris wheel and Carouse? Maybe to some of you, nothing is different… just a ride… something fun and enjoy…

Differential will be Ferris wheel is vertical, where you can will be high up… and Carouse will be going horizontal. Haha… nope, that’s more about that.

When I was young, I love Carouse very much, I always hope I can get a ride. Unfortunately, dad always refused to pay for it. So when I saw tiny Carouse in the shopping mall, I always tried to squeeze it toward end of the day, where most people left the shopping mall (I was adult by then). This will cause me less embarrassing and chances to chase away by the security guard was low. I did that few times in Mid Valley…hahah.. just to fulfill my wish.

Well, my wish came true, yes… yes… I finally had a ride on Carouse!! It was in 2007 when I was in Hong Kong Disneyland with Cathy. The trip was out of plan and I was excited. When I saw Carouse, I was so excited and thrill… I asked Cathy in very soft, careful and timid voice, “Cathy, can we go for that ride – Carouse?” with full of hope… deep in my heart was tremble, hoped Cathy won’t turn me down or laugh at me silly girl. Cathy was so nice, she agreed to company me… I was so happy… No need to squeeze in tiny Carouse, cause the Carouse in Disneyland was big enough for adult to ride on it. No need to sneak for the ride or worried chase by security guard!! and dream came true!! I was so excited, the queued was long, but it didn’t kill my patient… I was like little girl waiting my turn to have my favour ice-cream.

Finally, both of us on the ride… I choose a lovely horse to ride on… it was so fun with the nice music… I was so happy. Why I choose a horse to ride on??? Cause I hope I can ride on a real horse… so tall and look elegant…like those British lady with their smart outfit.  Did I take any photos? I had, was I? Or Not? Argg… I can’t remember… must check back the disc again!! It was a fun ride!!

Ok, back to the topic… distracted with something else. I read something Ferris wheel vs Carouse in Facebook, one of the friends posted it. To him, is the same, just a normal ride…

For me, that’s different. Can you get it? NO? ok, I will explain. Let’s start with Carouse. Carouse is going round and round in horizontal. Each of you only will go on the ride by yourself, either some is in front, some at the back. It seldom has a ride where share by 2 people. In other word, one of you will be looking at the back of your partner… you will be continue and continue chasing your partner and yet, you will never get close to him/her. The distance between 2 of us is the same from start of the ride till end of your ride. Is either you look back and smile at him/her or you look front to see his/her back. It will never be a straight line…

Ferris wheel is different. Both of you will be in the small tiny box, only both of you. Either both of you sit facing each other or next to each other.  It will go round and round where starter from low till high… you get to see everything when you are high above… and it goes very slow and you barely feel the movement. It is the calmness moment, the happiness moment and romantic! You may hope the ride will go on and on, let the happiness stop at that moment, freeze it. Even without talking, quietly enjoy the view is so nice. Therefore, normally you only see lovely couple in the Ferris wheel, or bunch of group friends who cling to each other or family. This is because you won’t go a ride with a person who you don’t like, even just a few minutes, is like ages, this is killing!! Am I right? hahahaha


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