Brown sugar & Old ginger tea

Would love to share this with everyone. I received it from a friend (forwarded email), without thought I forwarded to my aunt who suffer period pain every month. I was not sure whether it works or not, but no harm trying, that was my thought. And it’s only brown sugar and old ginger, no harm to our body.

After 1 month, my aunt called up… sent her appreciation to me… cause it helped. I would love to share it last month, but I accidentally deleted the email. Last week, I received it… I told myself, I will make sure I share with it… so more people benefit from it 🙂 So try it. Good news, this round, that’s English and Mandarin version. 🙂

※ 黑糖紅豆湯 女性的好朋友黑糖能活血,紅豆能補血,故婦女月經來時或前後吃一些黑糖紅豆湯,會讓經期更順及減少疼痛,比使用藥物控制效果好。這種偏方花錢少又無副作用,不妨試試!
 Brown sugar + Ginger TeaWhen I was young, I was easily to get cold & running nose. My mother will cook old ginger & brown sugar tea for me to drink.It tasted sweet & a little bit spicy. After drinking this tea and cover with a blanket it made me sweat and cure my cold & running nose.Every year I born a baby and even there was one year I born a twin. Due to too frequent on delivered baby, my health was badly affected.I always feel dizziness. Every month during my menstrual, I feel headache, stomachache and my menses volume was large and the period was longfrom 10days to 2 weeks.  I seek for Western doctor & Chinese Physician’s  advices but it does not help so I tend to give up & let it be.

After that I grandmother ask me to try for old ginger & brown sugar tea. She emphasize that its harmless if drink more because brown sugar help

blood circulation and old ginger will warm up our body. Traditionally confinement lady should drink a little bit of brown sugar water.

I take my grandmother’s words and during my menstrual period I drink a lot of old ginger & brown sugar tea. Out of my expectation, my stomachache was reduces,

my menses volume & headache also reduces, it was more effective than taking medicine. Ginger & brown sugar tea also can be drinks during cold winter which

help to kept us sweat & warm. It was cheap & does not have any side effect. Why not try it.

** For ladies, during your menstrual period you can try for Brown Sugar Red bean soup, brown sugar help for blood circulation and red bean recover for your blood loss.

Drinks this brown sugar red bean soup during & after your menstrual period it help to smooth your period & reduce pain. This is better than taking medicine as it does not have any side effect and was cheap.


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