Tomato bacon chili pasta

MF was going to try out the new recipe where MF hasn’t tried before. So I was again invited…Shall I feel the honor 🙂   Or pity of me… going to be guinea pig again… hahah.. just joking!!

This round MF didn’t practice in advance… It was really virgin cook for Tomato Bacon chili pasta…Why I said virgin… because MF was referring the cook book while cooking!!! This was really freaking me off!! I was like; sure this was going to work? Oh God, pls take good care my stomach… my killing stomach!! Ok, just joking… But I will definitely unable to cook and while looking at the cook book. I will either cut my finger, or the food burned or I might break any plates…

But MF managed pretty well… I’m truly amazed with it and the dinner was served in 30 minutes… Yes, you are right…everything done in 30 minutes…

The bacon was yummy!!! I love bacon… however it was a bit salty… but if mixed with pasta, just nice. And cheese… heaven !!!

Guess I need to do more work out after the meal 😦 sharing the photos… ingredient s that MF used…Don’t ask me how MF manage, I don’t know. Even thought I was there witness MF did the cooking, but I don’t think I can manage if ask me to cook it!!


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