Diving- Lang Tengah 230510-260510

Finally, my driving trip came… I have been waiting since last year September, last year September was the last dived…. to me this is very long.. long.. long.. I wish I could dive more often.. but as you aware, diving trip always kill my wallet – bloody wallet…

I wish I could dive 2 months once, in different places, in different countries… hmmm.. I think this is dream, provided I’m bloody rich 🙂

I woke up 4am in the morning, left the house at 5am, reached airport at 6am.. as the flight was at 7.05am…my sleepy head was still sleepy, but my mood was good… If you know me well… sleeping is important for me… it effect my mood on the day… Guess I was in the holiday mood, the sleepy head didn’t take much control for this round.

I was excited and scare as well.. excited that I was going to jump…jump into the sea and feel another world…scare, worry my equalized problem I faced one week before my trip… worried I can’t dive.. this will really kill me

Reached Kuala Terengganu, Pakcik Mansor picked us up… He asked whether we had our breakfast.. Of course no.. cause too excited, too early in the morning… We got him to suggest. He asked whether we have tried nasi dagang. To me, nope, so decided to try…

Nasi dagang was nice… not bad.. we ordered nasi dagang with fish… here is

the photos…

After Nasi Dagang with tea, now my sleepy head awake and working 🙂

Reached the jetty, not many people… I still feel fresh, very happy, excited.. not cranky at all.. amazed 🙂

Took some photos at the jetty…

We reached the island around 12pm… just nice to have our lunch. After lunch, sleeping bugs attacked me.. We were lucky cause the next dived was at 2.30pm. We had a quick lunch and back to our room for nap.

2.30pm, dearly blue blue sea, here I come… 1st dived.. a bit nervous and excited. The visibility not as good as last year, was around 8m.

When I saw the leopard shark, I was breathless, I was excited…. couldn’t believe I was so lucky… moved slowly… slowly, hope not to awake the resting leopard shark…After a few shots, the baby awake and swam elegant away….

Then we spotted this .. my favour as well


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2 Responses to Diving- Lang Tengah 230510-260510

  1. lama nya tak makan nasi dagang ni…terliur pula….kat sarawak mana la nak cari…:-(

  2. Nasi Dagang says:

    nasi dagang terengganu terbaikk laa xD

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