Yummy yummy scramble eggs

I have tried many scramble eggs  before… honestly I’m scare to have scramble eggs… due to all the bad experiences.. or tasteless…

Some of the scramble eggs are too watery…it make me feel geli… some the taste awful, some not even presentable for me too even choose it…

When MF asked how I wanted my eggs to be done, it slipped too fast from my mouth.. I said scramble eggs… From that moment, I was praying hard.. pls.. pls…ensure the scramble eggs is good, presentable, will bring up my appetite to eat..

Guessed the God hear the little gal prayer… 🙂

Here was the scramble eggs looked like with toast and cherry tomatoes… cherry tomatoes…hmmm..heaven.. very nice.

The scrambles eggs not watery, presentable and delicious… I managed to finish it 🙂


About berrymelon1437101

I'm a freelance make up artist... If you love my work..c email me berrymakeup1@gmail.com
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