Austin Chase -The Garden

Met Mr.MF on 9 May for lunch and tea..

This is the nice cafe to hang out, have cheese cake and drink…

I think I can sit there by myself alone whole afternoon with book, cheese cake and my drink.. Is like in heaven…

I seldom blog bout food, I love to eat, I love taste.. guess I’m not good in describe it..

You may wonder why I blog about it….Cause the cheese cake… The cheese cake is one of the best cheese cake I have tasted. As all of you aware, I’m cheese cake lover, I have cheese cake and cheese cake…  Then I have cut down the intake, I can’t… I need to take care of my weight, so scare to put on weight… Can’t bare with it… therefore, long time I didn’t hunt for cheese cake.

While this is cafe was suggested by MF, so I guess, why not.. just pamper myself… I ordered the cheese cake..

The cheese cake melted in my mouth, the taste just nice, not too rich or less.. it won’t let you feel too much where you can’t continue after few bites… I think I can finish the whole cake by myself.. hahah.. well guilty.. guilty…

Ok, here is the photos… didn’t manage to capture the nice one.. hope you don’t mind 🙂

yummy yummy, am I right? Will go back again… after my workout 🙂


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