Killing stomach

Stomach giving me problem again… argggg…

I have no idea with this time… I lost the appetite to eat, but I’m hungry… yet I can’t eat.

Never experienced this before.. What’s wrong with this round…

Whatever food I take, is sucks, tasteless… I can’t even eat, don’t even have the mood to chew … but hungry… this is driving me crazy.. is this mean I miss mummy’s cooking…

I hope after the workout this morning, it helps…

Stomach, please give full cooperation to your master, don’t be cranky or crazy like your master, you should do your job, performance well.. then only your master can be in tip top shape… so stop cranky and back to work. Many times the doctor want to change you, cause you are not doing well.. your performance all the while average only, giving a lot trouble to your master… You master has invested a lot in you, probiotic very expensive, and because of you, your master stop taking raw salmon, tuna from Japanese food.. those are her favourite, do you know that ?? She is more choosy lately with the food she take, ensure is clean.. everything must wash first.  So please.. or else.. your master is seriously, deeply, will change you and get a cow stomach..hahaah Cow stomach… good idea.. 4 parts… 🙂 more green…. arg… she can’t… she can’t survive without pork… she is a pork lover 🙂 SO, Mr. Stomach, you better give full cooperation to your master 🙂 pity her la…


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