Password protected

Never thought I will have chance to blog and use password to protect it. Previously I was wonder, what’s the point to blog it and yet use password to protect it.. I have no idea… till yesterday.. I was using the method… I blog it.. and protected with password. Why… cause I just want to write down how I feel… my feeling… my thought…my words… hoping I won’t forget it and have a chance to read it again later on…

I’m not sure after few days, few months, few years later when I read again, will I still have the same feeling? Same thought? Or I will be laughing how silly am I? or still the same feeling as I have now.. I’m not sure… only time will tell…


About berrymelon1437101

I'm a freelance make up artist... If you love my work..c email me
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2 Responses to Password protected

  1. kaigarcia08 says:

    hi berrymelon, how do you password protect your articles here? i am new at blogging. thanks.

    • berrymelon1437101 says:

      on your post, that’s right column -publish, go to visibility – choose the mode you want, either password protected or private. Good luck

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