Sleepy head

Not sure what’s wrong with me lately.. I’m so sleepy… difficulties to get out from the bed in the morning.

After the alarm clock rang, I was still on the bed after I off it. It takes me for another 10 min to open my eye to figure where am I.

Then I still on the bed, turning left and right like wombat refuge to let go the tree, took another 5 min to move my lazy and heavy body to the bathroom…

Almost all the weekday, I wake up in the morning hoping is  weekend.. so I can catch more sleeping time… I’m not sure what’s wrong with that? Is either new mattress that I bought or the ambience of the room 😦 I’m getting lazier and lazier to go to work, each time I need to drag myself to go out of the house like a pig 😦

But this situation change when it is on weekend. Before the alarm ring, I already open my eye so wide without need to force it to open. I’m so energy, no lazing on the bed…I jump down from the bed, singing in the bathroom while I preparing myself. I go to gym, do house chores, moving around like a rat…so energy…

Argg… what’s wrong with me 😦 help me.. help me 😦 I miss my bed 😦


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I'm a freelance make up artist... If you love my work..c email me
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