Thecircuit25 -reshape and tone your body

Have you heard about thecicuit25?? Well, check out their website

I tried it yesterday at the KLCC Park with the trainer – Jeremy Bird

A total of 50 minutes training, where you will be doing 25 minutes –body transforming strength & resistant exercises, 25 minutes –cardio, core and cool down.

I was struggling throughout the session, it has been long long time I didn’t do that. I remember when I was primary and secondary school, my coach used to train us in that way… so was so long ago. I think my body got shocked… I was trying very hard to complete each exercises. I was sweat, totally wet. But I love the feeling, the feeling after a hard workout, where the sweat slide down from cheek till my chest… I love that feeling…:)

We started at 7.15pm with slow jogged followed by some exercises, then continue to jog till one point. And few exercises again, left and right, front and back. My thighs were so tensed, I can feel the muscle was crying and struggling begging the master to stop torturing them (evil master just ignored it and continue to push till the end..hahah)  Then jogged to another point, OMG, more tasks… my weakness, my stomach and my arm strength… struggled very hard and nearly thrown out. I even need equalized throughout the session, I wonder? I am praying hard my ear problem will solve before my diving trip in the end of this month.

I was keep looking on my watch, dammed it, how come the time was so slow.. I have been gone through so much… and yet the time is moving like turtle…argg…

Finally, time’s up… I was so glad, I made it. Prayed hard that my both legs still attached with my body (and listen to my instruction) and I could managed to control it.

Well, proudly announce, I made it.

Seriously, I think this is good and if you have time, should try to enroll it. The advantage of this, you don’t need to do it in the gym, where you need not to pay more and restricted in one area only. You can do it anywhere, at home while you are watching tv, park, bus station while you are waiting for your friends (if you dare..haahh) or your office for a break… if you noticed, I always look out for exercises where I can do it anywhere, home, office and etc.

Understand it is only available in Hong Kong previously, hey, but now you can get it in Malaysia.. try it out! the trainer- Jeremy is very friendly,  patient, gentlemen and nice guy. Don’t get afraid with his serious face… I wonder why he seldom smile, always with that long long face 😦

p/s: today I’m walking like an old lady


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