31 Mar 2010

Noticed that I’m MIA in March… what am I busy with ?

I really work like mad, busy running here and there like mad cow..

What am I busy with? Hmmm… not only in office, for home as well…

Office has projects due in April, house has due dated as well – 31 Mar 2010, both come in the same period.. argggggg

So what’s so special about 31 Mar 2010? Well, we are moving to new place on 31 Mar. Early stage, I really doubted we can made it possible, was like James bond in impossible mission…  2 Mar, decided to move on 31 Mar, we were busy like hell.. running here to get quotation, running there to survey the equipments, meet up contractor, looking for suitable tiles, good rate and so on…

Was like morning in the office has non-stop meetings and works, after work, another OT to go, for home…

I was wonder, will the mission complete? Can we manage?

I was so tired, restless, working 7 days in a week, no rest… reached home so late, have dinner at supper time.. argggg

Started with quotation.. quotation and quotation, survey and survey… decision..and decision.. supervising and supervising..

Yet, at the last minutes, that’s some hiccup… mum called, we need to paint our house.. WHAT? 3 day before we move in?

Can you imagine, hb and me painted the house in 1 and 1/2 days by ourselves… worked till midnight 2pm, till I can’t even walked balance and aching like hell…I walked like an old lady.. kangkang.. and….

Was last minute decision, no time to get any quotation for the job painting… and I’m scare will be screw up by contractor. So we painted it by ourselves…

WELL, good news. We made it.. impossible mission turned out to be mission completed. We are in our new place… thank you hb for the wonderful cooperation.. he worked overnight, 24 hours toward the end of the mission…. and after moved in, he was sick… hahah.. I guessed over worked.


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