Working VS partner

Hahah.. this topic is not about how much you should divide your time between working and your partner/family or lover.

This is about working is like courting with your partner.. ?? don’t understand?

Well, let me explain it..

Working also like courting with your partner. When you are looking for a job, is the same as you are looking for a boyfriend/girlfriend.

If your job that you are looking with high pay, flexible time, good benefits, many days of annual leave.. and so on…

Same as like you are looking for your partner, handsome/beautiful, tall/short, long hair/short hair, royal, rich or moderate and so on…

When you find those requirement fit in yours requirement, then you will go ahead to work with that company same as you are happy with the partner, you will fall for her/him and start the courting time.

When you found your job is too hard to handle, your boss is too nasty or too much, you will start to look for another job and resign from the current job.

Hahah.. so if your partner is not good, where you think both of you not suitable for each other, you opt for break-up… and continue with the life and till you find another new partner.

Some people work very long for their job, 10 years, 15 years or 30 years (very royal huh!!) this mean you love your job and the company, you end up spend your whole life in that job.. this is equal you married to the partner.

So if you not happy with your job after so long, you will resign and look for another job, therefore you are going for divorce situation..haahah

So, don’t you agree that looking for a job is same as looking for a partner? Working for a company as commit your life with it? Just my thought 🙂


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